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Joshua Cordeal

Tattoo artist Josh

Joshua Cordeal is a traveling tattoo artist, originally from Orlando, FL. Born 1991. Self-taught, Joshua specializes in portraits and black and gray realism. 


Joshua began tattooing in 2012, after attending the International Academy of Design and Technology, where he studied Digital Media productions. Finding himself unfulfilled by his major, he found tattooing soon after dropping out. Immediately realizing the difficulty in entering the industry, Joshua was constantly turned down for an apprenticeship. Determined to learn the trade of tattooing, he began practicing daily with equipment he'd purchased.

His passion for art was developed at a very early age. For Joshua, creating was a means of escaping a traumatic reality. He continues to pave his way to success through passion and determination.  


Now a travel tattoo artist, currently home based in Orlando, FL. 


-Joshua Cordeal

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