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Born in Philadelphia and raised in Naranjito, Puerto Rico and Sanford, Florida. Jest is the General Manager at Game Face Tattoos LLC.  Jest J.E. Tattoos knows your first tattoo with him wont be your last one. Jest provides the best experience and service and enjoys having customers come back to his shop. With more than 15+ years J.E. Tattoos provides the most versatile styles and enjoys creating realism black and grey, realism, portraits, mandalas, traditional, neo-traditional, watercolor tattoos, illustrative and geometric tattoos. Whens he is not at the shop creating masterpieces for his clients you can find Jest spending time outdoors having fun with his family. Jest believes a tattoo is a memory you keep for the rest of your life. So he makes sure that you will have an experience you will never forget or regret.


-Jest Estevez

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