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GameFace Tattoo and Body Piercing, LLC was established in 2015. Founder's Ed & Jessica Bell's passion is apparent in every square inch of our shop, from the impeccably clean tattoo stations, the tattoo artists smiling faces to the vibe itself.  Our mission is to bring to the Orlando and surrounding areas the best award-winning tattoo artist experience in a safe, comfortable and sterile environment with a world class customer service team. We are located near downtown Orlando across from Pulse Nightclub . We offer a clean and safe environment to get tattooed or pierced. We use the highest quality equipment needles and pigments. Everything is single use and sterile.

GameFace Tattoo and Body Piercing, LLC it’s home to the best names in Orlando Tattoo artists. In our 5 years, we have developed a talented team of 4 amazing well skilled artists. Each well versed in different tattoo styles and have a passion for creating that perfect tattoo for you no matter how big or small your idea or vision is. Attention to detail is key and we will work hard to make your dream tattoo come true.


At GameFace Tattoo and Body Piercing, LLC we use only the highest quality equipment needles and pigments. We offer single use sterile items. Our piercings are done with a sterile technique using high quality body jewelry. We pierce everything from basic piercings to dermal. All our artist have been thoroughly trained and certified in blood borne pathogens. For the last 3 years we’ve seen many faces from all over the globe. We’ve created a very nice environment to translate your ideas. We’ve made great friends here in our local area of Orlando and have been a part of countless vacation memories. Each time our client leaves smiling we think “that’s what it’s all about”. The atmosphere, The artist, The adrenaline…it doesn’t matter if its’ your first visit or your fifth, the rush never ceases.




Born in Pennsylvania and raised in Puerto Rico and Florida. JE is the General Manager for our Florida locations. He comes with 13+ years of artist experience. He’s very versatile in many styles and he’s always looking to learn. He believes a tattoo it’s a memorable experience that will last a lifetime, with that in mind he makes sure you have an experience you’ll never forget nor regret. JE is confident your first tattoo with him won’t be your last.

Born and raised in Puerto  Rico with over 10+ years of Experience, RA Diaz is the Manager at Game Face

Tattoo 2.0. You’ll find that his creative and artistic styles are very versatile. His skills are realism, dotwork, blackwork and other styles. Ra knows what would be best for the client and makes sure that you’ll be happy with the final artwork.

Ed has been tattooing for over 14+ years. You’ll find that he’s well skilled in all style of tattooing. His preference is lettering and black’n’grey with an inclination to traditional and neotraditional styles. Ed enjoys painting and drawing black and grey portraits.


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2015 S Orange Ave Orlando, FL 32806

Tel: 407-757-0293

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